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   Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia Glyp.)
   Fir (Abies)
   Hemlock (Tsuga)
   Incence Cedar (Calocedrus decurrens)
   Juniper ( Juniperus)
   Larch (laryx)
   Pine (Pinus)
   Spruce (Picea)
   True Cedar (Cedrus)
   Yew (Taxus)
Dogwood (Cornus)
Japanese Maples
Other Plants

"Conifer" is a term refering to cone bearing trees. Usually needled in some form there are many species and many, many more individual cultivars selected from these over the centuries. The forms seem to become increasingly bright and spectacular in form as time goes by and more and more people discover and cherish them. Known to the general public only as either "Lumber", "Woods"(more usually "fire wood") or in December as "Christmas trees" the concept of wonder and beauty is not often referenced to the term Conifer except by enthusiasts. Explore for a while this treasure chest of wonder that is the world of Conifers.
Imagine a garden that is never asleep or bare. One alive with form and color all year. Why not enjoy an all season adventure in your landscape!

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