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Graceful Grace
Graceful Grace Quantity in Basket: None
Code: GRG
  3yr / $34- 12 - 18"
There are many species of fir trees. These are often called "true firs". This fir has long been called one but it looks closer to a form of Hemlock and is not a true fir. It is the species Psuedodotsuga Menziesii, (blasted Latin) or “Douglas Fir” to normal folks. Among the many and varied clones discovered in this species is a cultivar with great merit. Wonderfully and aptly named, it is called ‘Graceful Grace”. Among the world’s largest trees Douglas Fir are the renowned giants native to the Western and especially the Pacific Northwestern regions of the United States. An occasional ancient monster in the coastal regions may scrape the sky at around 300’. From these was spawned this wonderfully strange specimen with just a few artfully twisted stems and trunks. There are no horizontal branches. Each one is twisted and or pendulous and covered with long streamers of green needles that also twist showing their silvery undersides. Graceful Grace looks like an Item from some dreamscape just waiting for you to come close so she can grab you. It may be 7' tall in ten years. USDA Zone 5

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