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Heritage Birch
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  Heritage Birch 3yr / $15 - 30 - 36"
This is an amazing and unusual cultivar selected from the family Betula Nigra or river birch. These are known firstly for their FANTASTIC MULTITONED PEELING BARK characteristics and secondly for resistance to bronze borer damage. In some areas of the country with heavy infestations this the only birch that can thrive. The cultivar 'Heritage' was selected and patented for it's superior bark characteristics and faster growth. It is also resistant to ice damage, is heat tolerant and will live in varied soils and climates over 95% of the U.S., excelling in damp soils. It only takes a short time to "bark up" and because of these many qualities and CARE FREE maintenance has won several Horticultural awards. It is used in municipalities as a street tree of merit and it is compatible with lawns. Heritage Birch make wonderful landscape denisens of great character as individual or "forest" plantings. A wonderful alternative to other foilage plants like dogwood or Japanese maple. Brings an unusual year round value to the garden. It has a butter yellow fall color. The light pastels, cinnamon and pinks of the flaking curling bark strips stand out anywhere. Especially against a darker back ground where an open canopy of pale hued Heritage Birch trees might admit dappled sunlight to the ground beneath. Forming a "Van Gohish" woodland of trunks swathed in a flaking, pastel, crepe paper bark. An ideal and flamboyant framework for FERN, HOSTA, and shade tolerant perennials of all kinds. Approx. 10' in 10 years. Rated in USDA Zones 4-9.

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