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Shipping weights are 2lb-4oz for 2year plants and 3lb-4oz for older ones. Shipping costs are combined and totaled before payment. Multiple items ship together when possible. Items ship as soon as reasonably possible which usually means within 5 workdays of purchase. Purchases by Checks and M.O.'s take a bit longer. There is a 10 day wait for checks to clear. We ship year around but a holiday or extreme weather at either "to" or "from" locations can cause delays. Likewise, if the plant is at an extra vulnerable phase there may be a delay. We do like to ship first 3 days of the week. We ship via USPS Priority mail. This takes 3 working days max. and seldom more. During most of the year most plants will keep without harm for a week or more even If there should be a rare delay of some sort.




No problem. We understand reserving plants that way is fine and necessary in some parts of the country.





It is yours. It is safe. If you choose to establish an account with us that information is stored with a secure major Hosting company. Payment transactions are encrypted and handled by a major credit card processing firm or Pay Pal if you use that mode. We do not sell information, give it away or store it on our personal computers.





You can Contact us at; admin@iconicgardens.com,


We accept major credit cards as well as Pay Pal. Payment is also welcome in the form of money orders or personal check made payable to Cedric Murray. Please allow 10-14 days for checks to clear.


Please remit to:


Cedric Murray

PO Box 72

North Lakewood, WA 98259





Listed sizes are approximate and may vary up or down a bit. Plants are priced by different factors. These are the approximate age, size, demand, rarity, difficulty propagating and or species. Size is always relative of course to the nature and growth rate classification of the clone. I.E.: Large, Medium, Small, or Mini. For example a three year Mini will be vastly different in size than a 3yr large growing clone but represents the same time investment and perhaps a much higher initial cost because of its rarity. Here is generally what one can expect from each age group;


-1yr plants are just that - brand new and in the first year. Depending on time of year they may have some minor branching and are not going to give a noticeable impact. They will need some protection from harsh situations while they establish.


-2 yr plants are more established better branched and are going to be more enjoyable but are not performing specimen plants yet. Still should be protected


-3 yr plants are young specimen plants that are beginning to perform. Well branched, they will have impact. They can be in a landscape but need extra attention until established.


-4 yr+ plants are performing size and are very well branched and landscape ready but any plant will need extra attention until established and during summer heat in particular. Just think! It takes 4years to get a college degree! (may be longer these days). Coarse bark clones and Minies may take longer yet to perform at specimen level but at least you are ahead of things a bit with them in this range. They, like bonsai specimen, are exponentially more valuable from this point on.





Shipping is seldom a problem and we do guarantee arrival of your plants. This occurs when Post office records indicate delivery. We guarantee a healthy plant at arrival. Please notify promptly if you see a problem.







Encrypted and Secure shopping provided for Pay Pal and major Credit Cards via "Geotrust" and "Miva Merchant e-commerce solutions". We also welcome Checks and Money orders for your convenience.